MM&NIIC CO.,LTD. ~Leading Medical Supplier ~

We, MM&NIIC, have been challenging to provide the medical lasers, consulting business and various kinds of medical devices and services from the point of daily medical scene. We always look for higher quality medical devices and services with the spirit “ahead of the times”, even in the medical society which has been dramatically changing. Based upon our motto, “Wisdom and Quality”, we are convinced to make best efforts to step forward to the global community.

Kunihiko Kato, President

About Company

Company Name MM&NIIC CO.,LTD.
Establishment 1984
Capital 65 million Yen
Business Contents Sales of Medical Lasers, Intense Pulsed Light Systems,Ultrasonic Diagnostic Devices, and other Advanced Medical Devices.
Employee 46
Group companies

Mutoh Group :

Mutoh Co., Ltd., KK Okinawa-Mutoh, Tabuki Ikakikai KK, KK Mcom, KK Nihon Iryoki Kenkyusyo, KK Mics,
KK Mutoh Technos, KK Mutoh Express, Mutoh America Co., Ltd,Nissei Business KK, Tokyo Iken KK, .KK Shinshu Medical,
Hatoya Medical Support KK, KK Mutoh Yamanashi,KK Yokoo Kikai, KK Mutoh Shikoku, KK Mascot,
KK Fukuyama Mutoh, KK Tabuki Mutoh, KK Medical Appliance,


1970 NIIC Co.,Ltd established as Nihon Sekigaisen Kogyo KK.

1981 M&M Co.,Ltd established

1986 M&M Sapporo branch established

1987 M&M Osaka branch & Fukuoka branch established

1992 M&M Nagoya branch established

2010 M&M acquired Medical Devices business of NIIC and changed company name to MM&NIIC
      MM&NIIC Nagasaki branch & Hiroshima branch established

2012 Nagasaki branch consolidated with Fukuoka branch

Quality Policy

MM&NIIC provides products and services in manner that always or exceeds customer’s expectations for quality performance, safety and value.
We will :

  • Be committed to a process of continuous quality improvement
  • Continue to improve and add value to our products, processes and services.
  • Supply highly reliable products, processes and services.
  • Involve our suppliers and customers.


Occupation Doctor  Male nurse  Hospital manager  Others